The sunny side of this winter’s snow

It happened this morning: -6 Celsius/21 Fahrenheit, no wind, beautiful sky. As I was walking across campus, I kept taking off accessoires that have become my standard attire: gloves, scarf around face, hat. Yes, at -6Celsius I start feeling warm nowadays. I am so glad our human bodies are as amenable as they are.

Boston has been creepy cold, we have gone more than 40days without a day above 0 degrees. Just with everything in live, it depends on the perspective, and mine changed after a marvellous skiing weekend in Quebec Canada, with windchill temperatures of -35 Celsius/-31 Fahrenheit.

Here are some impressions of the sunny side of this splendid winter wonderland that I am currently living in. (By the way, don’t be fooled by this happy note. As you might have noticed, my last post was a while ago. I had to hibernate for a while because this weather is making daily life considerably harder: my daily walk to the T station is more like an outdoor trek and my hands are constantly bleeding, even though I am moisturizing like crazy. ButI did not want to bother you with yet another bad mood-post, so I simply waited for the sun to cheer me up)

Snowerflow – Boston Winter kills the love


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Winter in Berlin was cold, with snow that nobody bothered removing. Winter in Stuttgart was snowy. Current winter in Boston is unbelievably cold, temperatures are changing on a daily basis within a range of 20 degrees celsius, there is a … Continue reading

Und heute ist es Linus


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Linus heißt das neueste Projekt von Frau Holle. Es schneit, es ist kalt, der Schnee von letzter Woche hat sich zu unüberwindbaren Eis-Hindernissen im Alltag verwandelt. Auch wenn wir hier alle in Trance sind nach dem unglaublichen Sieg der New … Continue reading

You cannot please everyone – my interview with Professor Everett about German Energy Policy


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*** ATTENTION: Shameless self-marketing *** In September, I published my first article for the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation’s blog. It asked why there is no Silicon Valley in Europe and was also published in the Huffington Post. However, when I told my non-German-speaking … Continue reading