Back in good old Germany


Exec summary for busy people: flight with Singapore was marvellous, and after a couple of suppers and a visit to a normal grocery market, I cannot stress more how convenient it is to have healthy food available everywhere without Whole Food-prices.

So, if you want any advise on how not to plan the end of your semester: Do not finish your last exam on Tuesday afternoon and plan to leave the next day! I do not know why I keep telling myself that moving is easy. Even though I turned my packing into a “Packing party” (basically, I packed and four Blakeley mates sat down with a beer, cheering), I realized that I do have a lot of stuff, I was really tired, sick and exhausted. Well, the flight was booked. Nobody urged me to go out that night, but when I had sealed the last box, a sudden feeling of sadness overcame me. And the best therapy against that feeling is a small pub in Central Square, a Bluegrass band and a lot of Fletchies :-).

To cut it short: boxes are now very well taken care of, bus to New York, bus to JFK, flight to Frankfurt all on time (that is a first). And now I am back. And exactly as weird as the first days in Medford felt, so do the first days here. I am a little restless, I miss the Social List suggesting crazy things to do and I really cannot stand the silence that surrounds me here.   However, I do love the food! I started laughing hysterically in the grocery store the other day when I saw radish and celery for 50cents. And then, I really do not know what that stuff is that is sold as cow milk in the US, but it tastes not at all like the cow milk we have here!


Where am I now? 

Currently I am in Würzburg (or Wuerzburg), a little Bavarian city, where Maurice goes to school. Here are some impressions:

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  1. I love Wurzburg …the main river, the altemainbruke , the marienberg fortress, I just love ’em

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