This is how we do it

Summary for the busy people: Since I first entered a supposedly “German Brauhaus” in New York, I tried to tell all my fellow-Fletchies that this does not represent how Germans party. Which is why I will try with this post to sketch a more adequate picture for you…one thing is true, though: beer is heavily involved.

I guess, it is called “repatriation shock”. You come home, and all of a sudden things that you have grown up with, feel awkward. This is exactly how I felt, when I walked behind two German policemen, with an open bottle of beer in my hand. This is also how German people look at me now when I tell them that I really miss Indian food (having been in the US for a year), Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream from J.P. Licks and having random talks about current conflicts, anywhere, anytime.

The good news: Repatriation shock did not last too long. It basically ended when I watched a really good game of Handball and afterwards sang (ya, arguably singing is not the right word) with a tent full of considerably drunk German people one stupid German party song after another. The whole party was called “Musikerfest”, took place near Stuttgart and I thought I should let you all participate how a small town Southern German party can look like:


Here are some more landscape impressions for you from Germany:



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