Snowerflow – Boston Winter kills the love

Winter in Berlin was cold, with snow that nobody bothered removing. Winter in Stuttgart was snowy. Current winter in Boston is unbelievably cold, temperatures are changing on a daily basis within a range of 20 degrees celsius, there is a bitchy wind and the next snowstorm is supposed to “last days” according to Some quick, partially whiny, observations about what this weather actually does to us…

  • This winter kills dating

Holding hands, not happening; your pinky freezes off after 2 minutes. Kissing: Do not even think about it. First of all, if you expose your skin for longer than 10 minutes, you’re risking frost bites. Besides that, your nose is either constantly running or, this happened to me this morning, there are little ice crystals in your nose that prevent you from breathing correctly.  sidewalk_somerville

As a matter of fact, currently it is not even possible to walk next to someone on the sidewalk.







  • Warm is all that counts

You do not want refreshing anymore, you want warm! That means less beer, more rum. That also means less style, more beanie & snowboots &coldcream & facemask.


That also means, no more dinners out downtown and more warm thoughts provoking beach parties.




  • Anti-Depressant Foods or the constant longing for hot chocolate

When this weather is threatening your mood up to a point where you’re ready to book a flight into the sun (that is, if there’s no storm and flights are available), there is only one word: BURDICK. The hot chocolate place at Harvard Square has the best hot chocolate. They serve many different kinds, catering all sorts if tastes.


And, for the Europeans, they have “Linzer Torte”, almond cake with cherries, topped with whipped cream.








  • Snow Days are fun, but those make-up classes mess up my weeks

Being trapped in the house was good for a day. I have to admit, day 2 and three were ok. The idea of having another snow-monday next week, is no longer a good thing. Because: Make-up classes are scheduled at the most inconvenient times, they clash with other classes and they mess up my plans.

  • This Winter gives you more time for your capstone

At Fletcher, the master thesis has a special name, it is called Capstone. I have heard a lot of stories last year about how challenging it is to get it done. Now, I am in that position of having to write that paper and it is no piece of cake. I have developed a love-hate-relationship with my thesis. She (yes, my thesis is a she) and I have rough conversations, she triggers insecurities and she brings out the best in me. Anyways, this cold actually leaves us with more oportunities to get it done. Isn’t that nice…

  • Boston, I still love you!

All that being said, I cannot be mad for longer than a day. Because that’s the longest period of no sun. Even after the worst day of snow and ice rain and -20 (Celsius), the sky clears up and the sun comes out. And believe me, winter in Germany means getting to know the 50 shades of grey skies…so, after all, I still enjoy living in Boston this winter!



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