Father’s Day

It is Father’s Day. And since this is the 30th year of my Dad’s fathership, it is time to reveal some special moments, those that stick in your memory and make you smile (I am sure that lots of Dads and Daughters can relate to this)

  • When I was in third grade, my Dad gave me my first career advice. I had to write a paragraph about what I want to be when I grow up. I had no clue what to write. I vividly remember him sitting down with me, asking me about activities that I enjoy doing and finally saying: You choose something that makes you happy and you will be excellent at it. 
  • Every time we went to the bakery together to get fresh breakfast rolls, we shared a “Berliner”, a jam-filled donut on our way home. It was our well-kept secret. Father's Day
  • When I introduced my first boyfriend to him, Dad was very polite and welcoming. Yet,he gave that poor boy that stare that only Dads can do. The “if you break her heart, I break your legs”-stare. It made me feel very protected.
  • When I had my first skiing accident, my Dad climbed up that steep Austrian ski slope to be there for me. When we were buying new ski boots for me this winter, I was trying on racing boots. The shop owner, an elderly Austrian all mountain guy, said to my Dad that these boots require a lot of strength and he would not recommend them to women. My Dad looked at him, smiling and replied: Well, you do not know my daughter.
  • This is my third year living in the United States and we do not see eachother often. I miss my Dad a lot and I know he misses me. Never, though, has he asked me to not do something, to not go places if I wanted to do it. His parental love is unconditional and I can only thank him for that.

Today is Father’s Day in Germany. Actually, it is a national holiday called “Christi Himmelfahrt” (Ascension of Christ), which is broadly recognized as Father’s Day. If you were taking a walk through the fields in Germany today, you could see hordes of men, pulling a child’s wagon filled with beer, celebrating father’s day.

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