“It will feel right”

That is what my non-virgo, non German friends kept telling me: You will feel when it’s right. And I did feel an exciting and warm feeling from deep within as I was flying into Boston’s sunset last week. I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to Boston, joining one of the coolest places I could imagine working at, the tech start-up VMTurbo.

Didn’t she just return to Germany? you will be thinking. Yes, I did. And that was awesome. I enjoyed being in Germany a lot, spending splendid hours with my family who has been so supportive, reconnecting with old friends. Germany is about to change a lot and it will get interesting. I guess I am making peace with the idea of having roots and wings: I have 2 simcards, two sets of chargers for laptop& phone, I am convinced that Americans will never pull of chocolate, bread or sausages as good as Europeans do, I prefer an espresso over half a gallon Dunkin Donuts’. And I still love dancing until dawn in German clubs.

Hancock Tower_BostonAnd yet, Boston, the East Coast, just feels right. Walking through Boston made me smile and look forward to Boulevardiers in cosy bars when there is a snowstorm delivering 10 inches of snow, to weeks below 0 Celsius and endless gorgeous summer days, to my favorite walk from Park Street through the Boston Common, to zero nutrition fatty breakfast diners with bad lukewarm coffee, to sunday nights with the Pats, to an assortment of 50 different drafts, to Harpoon’s IPA, to strolling on the Ocean front, to oysters&clam bakes, to urban biking, to my heart arriving.

2 responses to ““It will feel right””

  1. Awwww…so thrilled for you, sweetheart! Congratulations again!

  2. Anna Valeria Zuccolotto Soto Avatar
    Anna Valeria Zuccolotto Soto

    I feel you!! I am living something very similar ;D all the best!!

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