It was never a dress…

Alrighty, I have been gone for some time. From jetlag to feeling like I am constantly drinking out of a firehose at work to x-mas, to skiing to jetlagged again… I am back! And I have lots of stories for you in the next weeks. How it is to work in the US, how I am experiencing the Presidential race, how I am feeling about Germany, skype adventures to third world countries and so on…

I am (*drumroll*) learning how to code and might soon come up with a better bilingual version of the blog. I’ll get there, it is just a question of time :-).

For now, I wanted to throw this out there: After years of serious and challenging discussions with my family, with friends about female career aspirations and compatibility with whatever it is you aspire, I finally feel at a good place about where I am and this campaign just nailed it: It was never a dress 😉


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