Celebrating the ordinary

There are those random, simply beautiful encounters in life.. Last night at the bar of a restaurant in New Bedford (The Black Whale, extraordinary food) I met an older couple. I thought they were in their early sixties, they looked incredibly happy, chatting the night away with each other. I am mentioning this because we all know the old couples…sitting at one table, sharing a life by habit, but not too many words anymore.

It turns out, they had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. She looked at me, smiled and said: Just make the best out of every moment, however small it is. He then leaned over and whispered: “And know when to not say another word.” They then turned to look at each other, smirking. I can only guess how many flashbacks of moments were sliding through their memories at that moment.

After a mindful weekend with lots of sleep, spontaneity, kick-ass homemade food and engaging conversations I am sharing this idea with you only to have it written down to and remind myself every once in a while. “The ordinary” is so negatively connoted because we sometimes fail to see the beauty in moments that we as a society have coined “ordinary”. Technically, nothing is ordinary, it is our perspective that puts a meal or a chore or an errand into the ordinary box.

I am leaving you with the pictures of another encounter I made when getting the a very New England fall experience: wading through a cranberry bog. Can you see my little frog friend hanging out in in the cranberry pool? cranberry_frog

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