Kid-friendly Hike near Munich: from Schliersee to Schliersbergalm

In 2019 we were new to Munich and young twin parents, yet trying to enjoy Munich’s surrounding nature. Our first hike was up to Schliersbergalm. Although Schliersee is so close (easily reachable by train, about 35Minutes by car from Munich), it is a different world: scenic views, Bavarian food, kid-friendly Alm with a playground. Over the years this hike has become our Evergreen: We have been there during any season, took many visitors. That’s why I compiled all you need to know about this hike: Where to eat, what to pack and where to park.

Schliersee to Schliersbergalm

Our Evergreen Hike close to Munich


How to get to Schliersee

By Train: There are frequent trains from Munich main station to Schliersee. Check the Bahn website for timetables. We used to take S3 all the way to Holzkirchen and switch trains there. So if you are living along S3 it is easier to go that way instead of going to the main station first.

By Car: We usually parked at Bahnhof Schliersee. There is ample space. Just be early enough on weekend days with good weather. More parking information here.

Where to start the hike to Schliersbergalm

From Bahnhof Schliersee, walk towards the main street, away from the lake. There is an Edeka on the corner. Cross that pedestrian light and then follow the signs towards the Schliersberg Gondola.

Hit the local baker before your hike

After crossing the street and passing the Intersport store you will come across this gem. A local baker that offers bread, Brötchen and very tasty pastries. Enjoy breakfast here in the sun.

The Hike to Schliersbergalm

The hike itself is fairly easy. In the beginning you are walking on the street between houses. Eventually the street ends and you can walk on a trail. In the winter this trail is used by the kids for sleding. Better be careful. It takes, on average, 70-90Minutes to go up. If you want to make the trip longer you can surround the lake first and then go up to the Alm.

For the disabled, injured or older folks: The charming thing about Schliersberg is the Gondola. You can also drive to the Gondola and enjoy the short ride up to the Alm. That’s what I did with the kids and my Mama in 2022 after my skiing accident.

  • Woman with Child carrier in the woods

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions

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