Pacific Ocean Swimming

The weather has been nice and sunny and I have recently started training more regularly for a future triathlon. So I figured: why not jump into the Pacific for some open water swimming?

Low Tide at Ambleside in West Vancouver

The ocean here is cold!

My first attempt ended after 5minutes. I figured that a normal swim cap and my tri suit would be sufficient. And while it was somewhat ok, I could not get my head under water. Some googling afterwards revealed that there is a term to describe what I had experienced: brain freeze from cold water.

Norseman Gadgets

Since we ran into the Norsemen last summer I figured there had to be something more to tackle the cold water. The Norseman swim takes place in a 12C fjord. I ordered a neoprene Balaclava hood covering the neck and my forehead, gloves and neo swim socks. And that made all the difference.

I understand now why gloves are banned from tri races, they basically function like pedals. For my first year of cold water swimming I am happy to have them.

Ready for the Northern Pacific: first open water swim at Cates Park, North Vancouver

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