What a month: A perfect New England late summer

Fall has definitely arrived in Boston.Rain, cold winds, hot cocoa time. For me the start of fall also comes with a desire for reflection. I was feeling pretty tired and worn out yesterday and as I was scrolling through my September/early October pictures it is no wonder I am a little exhausted. Late summer is my favorite time of the year, and these last weeks have been as eventful as can be with my parents visiting from Germany and many other splendid moments.

Still learning a lot about myself. Everyday. And instead of complaining, here is my reflection shared with you in pictures.


In early September my Mom was here for my birthday and we did a roadtrip to Maine. This is the picturesque Nubble Lighthouse. Looks more romantic than it is.



My mom had not been to the US for a while and although she loved Maine the trip made her realize how much more she appreciates Germany now 😉


One of my all-time favorite spots: The USS Constitution


During one of those “why not”-moments I signed up for the Tufts century ride. The University invites all alumni & students to ride at the beginning of each academic year. It was a beautiful experience…


…with lots of unhealthy food afterwards 😉


A week after the bike ride I walked the Jimmy Fund marathon & raised money for cancer research. Not only do cancer survivors walk with you, the Jimmy Fund Walk brought out amazing people…


…like these two: If you take a closer look at his shirt, it says “20 years and still slicing”. They stood at the famous Heartbreak Hill and provided everyone with sliced oranges, having a blast.


September was also a long good-bye/see you later for me and Maria Rita. I have grown so used to having many close friends in Boston, but given our hunger for adventure eventually we’ll all move on. Maria Rita is the first to leave to spend four months in South East Asia. I am hoping to meet her in India early next year. This was her good-bye dinner party.


September also brought a lot of magical and romantic moments. This is the sunrise over Walden Pond. Waking up to go swim in a cold-ish lake before 6AM, yup: It was one of the best dates I have ever had.


Just like this one: I was taken to one of Boston’s “Hidden concerts”. Although you have to get the ticket months in advance, you only learn about the artist & the location 24hours beforehand. 


Speaking of magical moments: I was introduced to Persian breakfast: The triangle shaped pieces on the plate are eggs with lots of herbs and this is called kookoo sabzi. If you like omelette, turmeric and herbs, you will love this dish. 


Last week, my Dad was here and we took a roadtrip to New Hampshire to enjoy fall foliage.


This is one of the selfies at the beginning of our hike at Mount Lafayette in the Franconia Notch


This is the view into the Franconia Ridge. 


The Welch-Dickey trail gifts you this beautiful view on a clear day.

Celebrating the ordinary

There are those random, simply beautiful encounters in life.. Last night at the bar of a restaurant in New Bedford (The Black Whale, extraordinary food) I met an older couple. I thought they were in their early sixties, they looked incredibly happy, chatting the night away with each other. I am mentioning this because we all know the old couples…sitting at one table, sharing a life by habit, but not too many words anymore.

It turns out, they had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. She looked at me, smiled and said: Just make the best out of every moment, however small it is. He then leaned over and whispered: “And know when to not say another word.” They then turned to look at each other, smirking. I can only guess how many flashbacks of moments were sliding through their memories at that moment.

After a mindful weekend with lots of sleep, spontaneity, kick-ass homemade food and engaging conversations I am sharing this idea with you only to have it written down to and remind myself every once in a while. “The ordinary” is so negatively connoted because we sometimes fail to see the beauty in moments that we as a society have coined “ordinary”. Technically, nothing is ordinary, it is our perspective that puts a meal or a chore or an errand into the ordinary box.

I am leaving you with the pictures of another encounter I made when getting the a very New England fall experience: wading through a cranberry bog. Can you see my little frog friend hanging out in in the cranberry pool? cranberry_frog